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Monthly Archives: January 2012
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How to Train Your Cat to Poop Outside

how to train your cat to poop outside

Can you train your cat to poop outside? Nature always eases your pain and it lessens your burden in many ways. And here is one of the ways you can save valuable money and time that is spent on maintaining

Tips For Cat Litter Disposal

Cat Litter Disposal Tips

Litter Boxes are there where indoor cats are. One problem is to train your cat to use the litter box, second is to kill the odor off and the last but surely not the least (yucky) is to dispose of

Best Ways to Hide a Litter Box

Ways to Hide a Litter Box

You may love your cat very much but you have to admit the fact that the idea of keeping a litter box in your home, along with the beautiful furniture, is kind of tough. No matter what you do or