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Monthly Archives: January 2012
Category Litter Box Odor & Cleaning

Use Charcoal Briquettes as a Pet Odor Killer!

If your nose is troubled by the odor of your pet’s excreted materials, and you cannot get rid of it other than putting your pet’s litter box outside your home, then Activated Charcoal or Active Carbon is the thing you

Creating Your Own Activated Charcoal Litter Box to Kill the Odor Off!

Pets are adorable, but like human babies, they are also messy and tire you a lot to keep them neat and tidy. Cats are the most owned of all pets and the most lovable too. There is always a scare

Simple Cat Litter Mat DIY – Saving Money Tips

cat litter mat DIY

The assurance that cat litter tracking mats provide you with is that they prevent your cat from tracking the litter from the litter box and dirtying your home (imagine pillow covers and bed sheets) and catching up the dirt that