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Monthly Archives: July 2012
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How To Keep Your Batik Fabric

Some of you might be familiar and even own Batik fabric. As basic information, the fabric is dyed by using the wax-resist technique. The pattern is handmade where the maker applies the melted wax to the fabrics. The pattern is

Cat Mate C10 Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food Review

Features of Cat Mate C10 Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food: One meal according to the time setting up to 24 hours later Accommodates 1-pound food capacity of dry and wet food Works effectively with AA battery  which is able to

Ergo 8 Day Electric Automatic Cat Feeder Review

As basic information, there are many veterinarians recommend the pet feeder for the owner who has diabetic pets. It can be used for various pets; including cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, and much more. Ergo 8 day electric automatic cat feeder