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Monthly Archives: August 2012
Category Automatic Litter Box Reviews

CatGenie Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

You may want to check out automatic litter box reviews first here. Cat Genie dubs itself the “Worlds only Self-Flushing, Self cleaning” litter box. CatGenie’s goal is to help you never touch cat litter again. Design – How it works

PetSafe Simply CleanTM – Electronic Litter Box Review

Design – How it works You thought PetSafe is the best automatic litter box? here our review:  The litter pan is bowl-shaped and is filled with premium clumping cat litter. It rotates continuously at an extremely slow speed. You and

LitterMaid LME 980 Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning Review

The LitterMaid LME 980 is among the classic LitterMaid cat litter boxes in its self-cleaning series. In the past, LitterMaid has made a name for itself by providing reliable auto cat litter boxes that are convenient to clean and maintain.