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Monthly Archives: August 2012
Category Automatic Litter Box Reviews

SmartScoop Auto Litter Box Review

Similar to Littermaid, is also a rake-type auto litter box that does not require special receptacles and also uses a carbon filter. Design – How it works SmartScoop® is an open pan auto litter box that uses a metal rake.

ScoopFree® Automated Cat Litter Box Review

ScoopFree® is one of the few automatic litter boxes that use crystal litter. Beautiful blue crystals lock in the odor, similar to a baby’s diaper. It is a rake-type box, but since the crystals dissolve when the cat urinates, many

Electric Litter Box Reviews – Litter Robot II

Several years after the first electric litter box came out, I found out about the Litter Robot II. Compared to the “rake type” this one seemed like a good idea! Design – How it works A large spherical globe sits