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Monthly Archives: September 2012
Category Litter Box Problems

Does Your Cat Urinates Outside Litter box?

Cat Urinates Outside Litter Box

Cat urinates outside litter box? Like us, using a Litter Box for relieving herself is a logical option for a cat. But if she avoids it for peeing elsewhere, then we must presume that she has a problem. If reasoning

How to Make Your Cat Urinate Inside the Litter Box

Cat Not Urinating In Litter Box

Cat not urinating in litter box? One of the troubles cat owners usually have is that of their cats failing to use the Litter Box properly. Reasons could be the usual bad aim and the less usual medical problem. Well,

Tips on Keeping Your From Dog Digging in the Cat Litter Box

How to Keep Dog Out of Cat Litter Box

How to keep dog out of cat litter box? A lot of pet owners have both cats and dogs and most of these owners suffer from a common problem. That is, dogs start digging-in and eating the waste present in