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Automatic Pet Feeder For Cats & Dogs

Welcome to Automatic Pet Feeders, we have dedicated this site to compare and review current popular feeders, it includes automatic cat feeder and also automatic dog feeder. For convenience, we also provide price comparison of each product we reviewed.

Below is just snapshot of our comparison table:

RankNameTiming FeatureAmount Per ServeMax Total Capacity(Cups)
Type Of FoodPower SourceBattery/Light IndicatorVoice RecorderWarranty & Guarantee4Review-Compare
#1CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder
CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder
- Analog Timer
- 8 to 48 Feeding Cycles Per Day1
From a Fraction of a Cup to Several Cups252.8 3Dry only1 x 12Volt or
NoNo1 Year Warranty
90 Days For Timers and Power Adapters

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In some case overweight cats or dogs are caused by pet owner “laziness”, by putting large amounts of food in a bowl so the pet has constant access to food or on the contrary, feeding too many times throughout the day, with the combination of unhealthy food. People tend to feed this way because it’s the easy way out. Feeding your dog, or any other type of pet, is part of your daily responsibilities, therefore an automatic feeder can be a good solution.

Besides, for individuals who have a busy schedule, you cannot be there for your pet at all times to ensure that they get to enjoy their meal on their recommended meal time. Still, you cannot neglect this responsibility, especially if you do not want to risk your pet getting trouble due to your own negligence.

Types Of Auto Pet Feeder:

  • Automatic cat feeders are generally smaller in size than automatic dog feeder, both of them do not have significant differences. You can use electronic cat feeder for feeding your dog automatically.
  • Simple feeders use separated compartment to put the foods and it will be opened based on your preset frequency, then your pet will have something to eat.
  • More advanced types utilize gravity such that the food is continually supplied into the bowl, it also allow you to set from a fraction of a cup to several cups/portion of food to release into the bowl during the scheduled mealtime for your cats or dogs.

What To Look For In Automatic Pet Feeder:
There are several common features in the top feeders we reviewed. Some of these include how easy it is to use, durability of the product etc. All of these traits are important to consider when you’re purchasing one that will last for years, even with daily use. We have researched all popular feeder and came up with the following results based on what we have determined some of the most important factors:

  • Timing Feature
  • Amount Per Serve
  • Total Capacity
  • Power Source
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Voice Recorder
  • Durability
  • Warranty & Guarantee
  • Ease Of Use

If an automatic feeder isn’t easy to use, it can’t be considered a labor-saving device, To get the most out of your appliance, make sure there aren’t any aspects that will drive you crazy the week after you buy it.

Customer Feedback
Average customer feedback or overall rating

Help & Support
Warranties as well as help and support are important for appliances that you plan to use often. Make sure you feel comfortable with the available help and support as well as the warranty coverage before purchasing any product.

Automatic Pet Feeder will allow you to travel, go on a vacation, or stay late in the office without worrying about who is feeding your dogs. You can have peace of mind that your pet is well fed and healthy, even when you are not physically there to feed them. In this situation, an automatic dog feeder with large storage area is an ideal companion. Make sure it has various feeding settings and a battery backup to ensure that it will not die out in between.

Owning a pet therefore should not interfere with your regular work or personal schedule. If you ever want to make sure your cat gets a solid meal at the right time of day, buying an automatic cat feeder might be the best way to take care of her.