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Panic Attacks What are They and How to Overcome Them

Imagine standing in a roomful of people. You look around at everyone’s faces and start to feel a slight chill come over your body. Next, you begin quivering all over…slightly, but uncontrollably and after that begins, you feel a drip

How to Stay Safe and Injury Free During Exercise

Exercise. You know, that thing you were SUPPOSED to be doing instead of parking yourself in front of the TV to watch the latest episode of Law and Order? Come on, you KNOW you have to do it, and not

How To Prevent Osteoporosis In Women – Causes And Treatment

Osteoporosis In Women

Osteoporosis, meaning porous bones, is the gradual loss of bone density. A silent process which may begin during a woman’s thirties, bone loss accelerates after menopause because of the decrease of the bone-retaining hormone estrogen. Women are eight times more