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Easy Cat Hair Removal from Furniture & Rugs

Cats are royal beings. These felines love to groom themselves, take care of their hygiene, relieve themselves in privacy, and they love to sit on your furniture. Furniture to them is a place of elevated status and they find pride

How to Remove Cat Hair from Furniture

Fatter and hairier the cat, cuter it is. And hairier the cat, the more trouble it creates, especially if you are too hygienic. Cats shed hair for various reasons. They can be unhealthy¸ their skin is drying; they are not

Prevent Long-haired Cats from Shedding Excessively

When your cat sheds its hair, it gets frustrating. And when your cat with long hair sheds, you are left fuming. You tire and cannot stop your ire picking long hair off your clothing and furniture. Long strands of your