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10 Unique Cat Beds – Very Cute!

How many types of cat beds that you know? Recently, i just visited various online¬†shops and collect these items in this page. There are indeed unique, artistic, cool and even “scary …?” items out there… I do not have any

Tips For Cat Litter Disposal

Cat Litter Disposal Tips

Litter Boxes are there where indoor cats are. One problem is to train your cat to use the litter box, second is to kill the odor off and the last but surely not the least (yucky) is to dispose of

Simple Cat Litter Mat DIY – Saving Money Tips

cat litter mat DIY

The assurance that cat litter tracking mats provide you with is that they prevent your cat from tracking the litter from the litter box and dirtying your home (imagine pillow covers and bed sheets) and catching up the dirt that