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Why You Need Outdoor Cat Litter Box

Outdoor Litter Box

Cats are clean animals, no doubt about it. When they eliminate waste anywhere in the house, it means that they don’t have a proper place to do their business. As a result, you’ll have your cat urinating and passing feces

Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats Tips Part 2

Litter Box For Multiple Cats

People love adding more cats to their feline family, but unfortunately multiple cats, and their litter box maintenance becomes an overwhelming task. Some steps have to be taken to solve the problem to make cumbersome maintenance a stress-free process. But

Multiple Cats Litter Box Tips Part 1

Owning a pet cat means companionship, unlimited fulfillment and joy in life. But, it comes with responsibility – commitment towards the animal by providing special care which he/she deserves. According to the Pet Product Manufacturers Association, 71 percent of felines