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How Many Litter Boxes Should One Buy?

The questions that bug most cat owners are how many litter boxes should one buy? Is there any trouble in keeping only one litter box for multiple cats, or do you need a separate litter box for each cat? Such

The Advantage of Elevated Litter Box

Elevated Litter Box

Litter box itself is a perfect solution to the problem which many cat owners face i.e. cleaning the feces and the urine of their pet. They train their cat to use a litter box and not to relieve herself wherever

Portable Litter Box: Tips To Travel With Cats

Portable Litter Box

Cats need a litter box when they accompany you on a road trip or a long distance travel journey. They should not be made to hold urine for a long time. It could result in bladder infections. Fortunately, portable litter