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How to Stamp Your Authority- To Avoid Stamping on Cat Poop

how to get cats to use litter box

It’s hard to catch up with the cats when they are in a rush, isn’t it? Be it your home kitty who likes to use your garden as its pooping territory or a neighborhood cat who thinks your garden is

Understanding Why My Cat Won’t Use Litter Box

cat wont use litter box

Feeling disgusted and tired cleaning your cat’s litter off your carpet and towels every day? Or are you running out of ways of persuasion to make your cat use the litter box again? I think today is when your toiling

How to Dog Proof a Litter Box

Dog Proofing Litter Box

Cats are naturally carnivorous, they require more protein compared to dogs. Dogs require less protein food which sometimes makes them jump into cat’s litter box. This situation keeps the pet owners astounded and confused. So to combat this situation, you’ll