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How to Train Persian Cats to Use Litter Box

persian litter box training

A lot of times, litter box issues can be the deal breakers for cat owners especially if they are allergic to cat urine. Persian cats and kittens are particularly fussy about the litter box and often take a lot of

Correct Litter Box Train a New Cat in Few Steps

Litter Box Training Cat

Bought a new cat and want to train her to use a litter box? Don’t worry, it’s rather simple than expected. Cats are clean animals. They, by their nature, prefer cleanliness and also expect privacy while removing the waste from

How to Give Litter Box Training for Semi Wild Cats

litter box training stray cat

Giving litter box training to semi wild cats isn’t as easy as it is with the pet cats. Semi-wild cats are an offspring of discarded or neglected cats. They are wild in nature and don’t tolerate human contact or human