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3 Most Important Tips on How to Prevent Osteoporosis

Tips-Hidup-SehatKnowing how to prevent osteoporosis is quite relevant nowadays because of the frequency of this condition. You will need to know what is osteoporosis and how it can be prevented to understand this medical condition which is also considered a “silent killer”.

Osteoporosis is a medical condition wherein there is loss of bone density after a period of time so it’s important to know how to prevent osteoporosis even at an early age. The bone mass decreases when it occurs because bone deterioration is faster than its formation. Because of that, the bone weakens and can easily be fractured, most especially in the vertebrae and hip area.

Osteoporosis Signs and Symptoms
In order to understand how to prevent osteoporosis, you must know the signs and symptoms that go along with it. In fact, there are many determinants on the causes of osteoporosis. One of them is the gender. Osteoporosis is known to affect all ages but is mostly more rampant in women when they reach menopause.

Another reason why a person may get osteoporosis is genetics. If anyone of your family members had osteoporosis, it is likely that you may get it as well. Symptoms of osteoporosis include neck pain, bone tenderness and pain, broken bones, tooth loss, crooked posture and brittle fingernails.

If you ask if there is any specific bone that would break when you have osteoporosis, there is none. Any bone can break once you are diagnosed with it. But the most common bones that are affected are the spine, waist and hip bones.

You can detect osteoporosis by going through a bone density test wherein you will know if you have bone loss. CT scan or ultrasound may also be required by your attending physician to help in the checking of the density of your bones.

So here are the three tips on how you can prevent osteoporosis:
1. Load Up On Calcium
Calcium is your bone’s best friend. It also helps in maintaining body weight, keep your teeth healthy, protect the heart, and lessen severe PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome. Lack of calcium may result to developing osteoporosis. How to prevent osteoporosis by means of calcium intake? Those who are below 50 years old and up should take in 1000 mg of calcium everyday, while those above 50 should have 1200 mg of calcium in their diet.

Eating foods rich in calcium such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables would greatly help on how to prevent osteoporosis. Examples of veggies that are high in calcium include broccoli, spinach and watercress. Other food ideas that are loaded with calcium are dry nuts, whole wheat grains, fish, cheese, yoghurt, tofu, orange juice and soya milk. If you feel that you daily calcium intake is still not sufficient even when you stick with proper diet, boost your calcium needs by taking supplements.

2. Have A Good Exercise Program
How does exercise prevent osteoporosis? Exercise is always a good way on how to prevent osteoporosis, or any medical condition in general. When you have a regular workout plan, the movement of the body helps prevent bone loss and can actually help make your bones stronger with age. You are also likely to improve your posture when doing regular exercise routines, as well as your flexibility and balance.

Even as simple as running or briskwalking for 30 minutes three times a week would do wonders on how to prevent osteoporosis. Other activities and exercises recommended are stair climbing, weight lifting, aerobics programs, dancing, playing sports such as volleyball or tennis.

3. Change In Lifestyle
This is not new for everyone who wants to be healthy and how to prevent osteoporosis is to have a clean and healthy lifestyle.
If you are a smoker, quit. Studies show that smokers have a lower bone to mineral density compared to non-smokers. Hip fractures caused by long-term smoking have been pinpointed as a contributing factor especially for women. And smokers have slower healing capacity on fractures.

If you’re an alcoholic drinker, regulate or stop drinking. Calcium is not absorbed properly by your body when you take in too much alcohol. Drinking soda should also be regulated because of its content. Water is still the best and healthiest beverage in the planet.

Interestingly, depression can also be a factor which contributes to having osteoporosis. The medical explanation for this is that depression makes the body yield cortisol – hormone that is caused by stress – and weakens bones by preventing minerals to penetrate and keep it healthy. So it’s wise if you maintain a positive disposition as this is another way on how to prevent osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition that has no known cure so the best way on how can osteoporosis be prevented and controlled is to follow the three things I have given earlier. Invest on calcium for the body so make bones healthy. You should also know how does exercise prevent osteoporosis to people who want to make their bones healthy and flexible. And a drastic change in lifestyle can certainly make a difference in order for you to win the fight and prevent osteoporosis naturally.

Should you prefer any calcium supplements and at times, estrogen intake, to help prevent osteoporosis, make sure you consult your attending doctor first to guarantee that you will not experience, or will only have, minimal side effects.

Prevention is easier and really far better than cure, especially since there is no cure for osteoporosis. So it is most important to know how to prevent osteoporosis from straining your life.

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