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Natural Perimenopause Remedies & Treatments

Natural Perimenopause Remedies & TreatmentsPerimenopause is “a time when the abnormal becomes normal.” The following are symptoms, causes, and remedies for perimenopause. It should be noted that some natural herbs are discussed in the article as possible remedies, but they are not listed here.

Irregular periods – Occurs in 95% of women and is caused by fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone. Eating soy, low-dose birth control pills, and micronized progesterone may help.

Heavy bleeding – 75% of women experience this and is a result of irregular ovulation. Visualization and micronized progesterone may be useful.

Hot flashes and night sweats – Occur in 75% of women and are due to low levels of estrogen. Vitamin E and low dose birth control pills may provide relief. The article gives advice on how to curb a hot flash.

Sleep disturbances – About 70% of women experience sleep disturbances, possibly because of stress during perimenopause. Relaxation, exercise, low-dose birth control pills, and natural micronized progesterone may be useful.

Irritability and Anxiety – Fluctuating hormone levels are the culprit. Try breathing exercises.

Forgetfulness and Poor Concentration – Occur in about 50% of women and are caused by fluctuating hormones. Try training your body to be attentive. Learn to relax.

Tiredness – About 50% of women experience this because of disrupted sleep patterns. Talk a walk, or try breathing techniques.

By Carol Keough

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