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How to Stay Safe and Injury Free During Exercise

Exercise. You know, that thing you were SUPPOSED to be doing instead of parking yourself in front of the TV to watch the latest episode of Law and Order? Come on, you KNOW you have to do it, and not just once in a while, I am talking about DAILY baby! Get up, get moving, break a sweat and burn some calories! Exercise is great for you and will help you live longer, healthier, and happier…well…if you stay safe that is.

One of the things that prevents some from starting a rigorous exercise program, or keeps others from continuing, is the fear or actual experience of an exercise related injury. Every day, thousands upon thousands of people injure themselves exercising and these injuries can range from a nagging soreness to even death in the worst and most negligent cases.

The fact is, if you take the proper steps, you can greatly reduce your chances of experiencing even a minor injury and you can reap all the rewards of fat loss and increased muscle while staying safe at the same time. Here a few tips to help you out in your quest for a safe and effective workout:

Get a trainer-The best and most reliable way to stay safe when exercising is to hire a trainer. A trainer will be certified in exactly the type of exercise you will be doing and will be able to guide you through the workout safely and injury free. In addition, if an injury does occur, these folks will have insurance that can protect you in case an accident does happen.
Make sure to warm up-While it is not uncommon to want to jump right in and start a hardcore workout, this is the number one thing that leads to injury. Make sure to get some blood pumping through those veins first. This could be through jumping rope, a minute or two of jumping jacks, or even a short jog.
Start slow-Don’t worry, you will experience results, just don’t try to rush the process! Trying to move to fast too quickly can easily result in injury so make sure to take your progress slowly at first. Progress only when your body tells you it is time to and leave plenty of time for recovery in between grueling workouts.
Consistency is the key-Another main cause of injury is working out inconsistently. We may workout hard for a few weeks and then take a few weeks off. Then, when we come back, we assume we can jump right back in where we left off. Our bodies may not be ready for this sudden return to activity and an injury can result.
Just as is said above, start slow, even if you have exercised before…if you have taken time off, pretend you are JUST starting out again. You will certainly progress to where you were prior quickly, but you can’t do that if you are laid up with a painful injury.
Abdominal brace, ALWAYS-One of the areas that gets injured the most during exercise is the lower back. This is because this area is so crucial to movement in the entire body and one wrong move or position and the muscles in the lower back can become stressed or pulled resulting in pain in various areas of your body.
In order to lessen the possibility of injury here, abdominal bracing is key. This is a method of activating the muscles of your entire core to protect this important region of your body. The “core” refers to the area of your body including your abdominal muscles, upper thighs, lower back, and your butt.
Abdominal bracing is achieved by contracting the muscles in this area while breathing normally. This technique will allow you to exercise freely while providing a tight SHIELD around a vulnerable area of your body, much like a weight belt does for a weight lifter.

There you go, a few tried and true tips to help you keep injury free during an exercise program. Remember them, follow them, stay safe and reap the health rewards of a rigorous and consistent exercise program!

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