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Unhealthy Lifestyles

Unhealthy LifestylesAs a young person growing up, stories, pictures, movies, and TV shows are constantly bombarding us with images of all kinds. Some funny, some violent, some sexual, and some drug and alcohol related.

Depending on the message you may be seeing at any one time, sometimes these things romanticize any or all of the above and help to lead a young person down a path that may soon learn to regret, and for the rest of their life.

Let’s take the subject of drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Sure, if you are under a certain age, it is illegal to drink and smoke, and drugs, unless prescribed by a physician are always illegal, but that is just ONE reason to stay away from these poisons. One of the first and biggest reasons is because…they ARE poisons.

Think about it for a second…if someone had some poison in a bottle, would you take a swig? Probably not, but what if that person said this poison wouldn’t kill you RIGHT away, it would take a long time, would you then try it out? Still, the answer is probably now, but if that poison where called whiskey, or a cigarette, or cocaine, many people do just that…they try it out.

The fact is, all of these substances are POISON to your body. They were never meant to be ingested and by doing so, you begin to damage your body internally in ways you can’t even imagine. These substances cause harm to all kinds of areas of your body and the damage is often irreversible and can cause a host of physical ailments, often leading to death.

Cancer have been directly tied to cigarette smoking for years yet many young people continue to light up. Is it because the cancer is not an IMMEDIATE result that makes them do this? How about alcohol abuse…you can damage your liver and even increase your risk of having a massive heart attack. Is it really worth it to be one of the COOL kids in the bunch? Hmmm…last time I check…being dead ain’t so cool…

And then there’s the subject of illegal drugs. From pills to powders to things you inject, drugs truly represent the pinnacle of poisons that one can put into their body. Most of these chemicals are designed to directly affect your brain in order for you to experience a particular “high” associated with a drug.

Wow…putting something in your body that gives you brain damage, even if temporary, certainly should stand out as an incredibly STUPID thing to do…no? Think about that the next time someone says “Don’t worry, it’s safe.” These substances can also change your mood in ways that will affect your family and loved ones.

Your mother, your father, your little brother or sister, can be seen as people you despise all because of the damage the drugs are doing to your brain. Imagine not having those loved ones in your life anymore…well, jump on the drug train and your chances of that happening will go up about a thousand fold…

Life is meant to be lived, experienced, enjoyed, sure, but doing so in a state of mind that is pure will add so much to the experience. You won’t have to worry about jail time, dying of a drug overdose, never seeing your family again, or any of the other awesome things that come along with abusing drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

If you are a young person and you want to feel or be treated as a grown up, well then, make an ADULT decision. Stay straight, make a positive difference in the world, and be a role model to those around you. By the way, even when you are stone sober, you can still get a little wild and crazy sometimes, just do it with a clear conscience AND a clear mind…;-)

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