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Animal Planet Programmable Electronic Pet Feeder Review

Animal Planet Programmable Electronic Pet Feeder

With the Animal Planet Electronic Pet Feeder, you can customize your cat or dog’s meal portions and also the time they are fed.


  1. Integrated LCD control panel allows you to set custom meal times and portions.
  2. Large hopper holds up to 10 pounds of your pet’s favorite dry food.
  3. Battery operation provides cord-free convenience and portability.
  4. Main components are detachable for easy cleaning.
  5. Product Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 17 inches ; 4 pounds
  6. For indoor only


  1. Easy to use, well designed UI. You won’t have to break out the book each time you need to make a change.
  2. Seems to be made with decent quality plastics except for the clear plastic food hopper.
  3. The clock has maintained the time properly for three months and dispenses food at the scheduled times.
  4. Uses batteries or an AC adapter.
  5. Not perfect by any means, but good for the price.


  1. Incorrect feeding portions.
  2. The feeder is tall and becomes top heavy when filled with food.
  3. The food hopper plastic is thin and flimsy. It doesn’t screw on. The cats easily knock it off,
  4. There’s a groove on the hopper and the tab on the lid fits into it, but it doesn’t actually hold the lid in place at all. You can lift it off almost as easily as when it’s not in the groove.
  5. The lock on the top of the hopper is not functional at all.
  6. It does NOT remember your settings when you turn it off. You have to reprogram it each time you turn in on.
  7. Loses time, doesn’t dispense food when it should.
  8. It doesn’t come with the adapter, battery is getting expensive.


The Animal Planet Programmable Electronic Pet Feeder, beige revision (not the red and black version), is a reasonably good pet feeder with a few issues that should be addressed with an updated version. Improvement Suggestions:

  1. Ensure that proper feeding portions are being dispensed.
  2. Make the hopper more rigid with a secure lid.
  3. Design in a cat resistant feeder flap, either built in or detachable.

The unit can use batteries OR AC power but not both. Design it so that AC with battery backup is possible.

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