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Bergan Aut-O-Dine 25 Pet Feeder Review

Bergan Aut-O-Dine 25

Bergan Aut-O-Dine 25 Pet Feeder Review

Bergan Aut-O-Dine 25
3.7 out of 5 stars (191 customer reviews)

Owning a pet may be can be an interesting activity but having so many pet can be a disturbance when you have to feed them manually, getting them quarrelling to get their food is annoyance.  Or have to leave them for business without a dog sitter is kind of crime. So what you are going to do to face this kind of situation. Thinking about Bergan Aut-O-Dine 25 can be your fined solution.


  1. Automatic pet food dispenser keeps up to 25 lbs of food flowing without your interaction
  2. Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 14.9 x 22.8 inches ; 7.6 pounds
  3. Made for the larger pet, this durable option seals the food inside until your pet decides to eat
  4. Free yourself from refilling feed bowls
  5. Large capacity, rugged, easy to use, and weather resistant auto pet feeder
  6. An excellent option for homes with multiple dogs or larger breed dogs as well as for dogs who have access to the outdoors when no one is home
  7. Ability to access contents while stacked
  8.  Airtight storage means food stays fresh longer
  9. Easy one hand access for scooping
  10. Largest top opening in the 50 lb category for ease of access
  11. Stackable means more food storage without taking up more floor space


  1. This great feeder automatically dispenses up to 25 lbs. of dry dog food
  2.  Food conveniently loads from the top and the unit is excellent for kennel use.
  3. Can be mounted for permanent installation and is easy to clean.
  4. Has a durable option seal the food inside until your pet decides to eat.
  5. freedom from daily feedings
  6. Perfect for an outside feeder
  7. This feeder will feed your pet for a week or so!


  1. designed for larger dogs
  2. It can be cleaned thoroughly with some difficulty by removing the door, top and internal baffles.
  3. Some dogs are afraid to put their head inside the unit.
  4. This feeder is not “automated” in any way – it’s a gravity fed continuous feeder
  5. Small diameter dry food doesn’t slide down enough to fill eating pocket so you have to keep sticking my hand in to pull food down.
  6. Rain will splash into the door and the food becomes rotten


Lastly, this Bergan Aut-O-Dine 25 give a truly convenient for your petting time. In brief  it is depend on your necessity to own this one.

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