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Is Cat Mate C50 Really One Of The Best Automatic Cat Feeder?

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  • Feeds up to 5 times per day, which can be adjusted up to the settings that you have done before
  • Can stands for 90 hour or more, means that you can leave your cats for about three days or more if you are really needed to
  • Ice packs to keep the food fresh
  • Need 1 x AA battery as power source
  • Easy to clean since the bowls are dishwasher proof

Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder
2.8 out of 5 stars (284 customer reviews)


  • Though some user reported various problem such as dislodged battery, failure of lid to rotate/open etc, generally it works pretty well


  • The battery are may be knocked out by smart and forceful cats. However, it can be solved by using some tapes to keep the battery on its place.
  • Manual instruction is hard to understand


Overall, this feeder still works great and gives many people who badly need wet food cat feeder a huge help.

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