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CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder with Analog Timer, Chute Cover, Stand and Bowl Review

This cat feeder is built for them who have many cats in their home. You can also dispense the smaller amount of ¼ cup of pet foods if you use several recommended foods. The instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow.

Lid are hardly accessed by the cat and there are also so many additional upgrades that you may done easily if you want to improve this cat feeder performance. We can say this is the only automatic cat feeder with timer that gives what most cat owner want the most.


  • Black color design makes you able to place this cat feeder anywhere because the color will easily fit on any style of your home
  • Optional chute cover protective device
  • Feeds up to 48 times per day, so you can feed many cats with one cat feeder
  • For dry food only and there are several recommended food for the best come out cups result
  • Able to dispense ¼ cup, however, there are several recommended food for better outcome cup capacity
  • 4 and ¾ cups capacity and can be added with 2 cup extensions or 1.5 gallon hopper that will increase the feeder’s capacity up to 1.8 gallons or 3.3 gallons with two stacked on top of each other.
  • Can be operated with 12v battery if you do not want to use regular power
  • Indoor use only so you have to make sure you only use it inside


  • Many attachments and upgrade can be done if you want to make this cat feeder performance and quality higher
  • The chute cover is functioning perfectly to prevent cats from stealing food
  • Can be placed mounted on a wall if you wanted so, so you can save more spaces
  • Bigger capacity so you don’t need to refill it often like most of the cat feeder in the market
  • Very ideal for cats that cannot eat together since you can set it up to 48 times per day
  • Easy replacement parts so you don’t have to change all of the parts if there are only one part broken
  • Easy to follow instructions so you don’t have to worry about how to operate it anymore
  • No more overeating since the lid will be locked very safety and prevents your cats from overeating


  • High price? lets try to take a look of the alternatives – nice looking, flimsy plastic made in a $40-$75 range.  When some components fails the whole unit should be replaced. Most of them produced this way so you will always buy next “new and improved” model, it will never ends. Superfeeder, looks to be designed and built to last forever.
  • The hopper lid need to be screw and unscrew each time you want to refill this cat feeder, a little bit troublesome maybe, but it works greatly.
  • The electrical cord is thin, so you may needed to pus some tapes on it to prevent your cats injury


Lastly, this CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder with Analog Timer, Chute Cover, Stand and Bowl will tell you why people love this product. Other than the pros, this product also makes most of the user relieved that they don’t have to wake up early in the morning or hire someone to feed their cats.

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