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Ergo 8 Day Electric Automatic Cat Feeder Review

As basic information, there are many veterinarians recommend the pet feeder for the owner who has diabetic pets. It can be used for various pets; including cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, and much more.

Ergo 8 day electric automatic cat feeder has unique digital timer with voice recording. The timer is equipped with manual override or test switch and it designed with daylight saving feature. Programmable timing feature will allow you to feed 8 times per day or 3 times per day for 2.5 days, or 2 times for 4 days.

In operating the pet feeder, you will need AA batteries. It accommodate 96 oz food. In each compartment, you can place 12 oz of any type of food; including canned or dry food. Removable bowl option allows you to clean the product easily.

Ergo 8-Day Auto Pet Feeder
3.2 out of 5 stars (49 customer reviews)

The company claims cool pack will keep the wet pet food in the fresh condition up to 8 hours or even for more than 12 hours. However, it still depends on the room temperature. No need to do any installation process since it arrives at your home as pre-assembled unit.

Customer Review

When you read Ergo 8 Day review on many sites, you might see there are many negative reviews. Some people  hate it because it does not working properly like the company claims.

Various issues reported:

  • Poorly constructed & does not reliable.
  • There is a time when the lid has been off-center, when the battery runs low
  • Problematic program of the voice recorded message. can be erased easily during the programming process, can’t delete your recording without taking the batteries out and resetting everything.
  • The ice pack also does not work effectively to keep the canned food in the fresh condition.

While some are satisfied, but overall we consider ergo fail to serve most of  consumer necessities.

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