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Pet Feedster- Automatic Pet Feeder Reviews

Pet Feedster- Automatic Pet Feeder

Pet Feedster- Automatic Pet Feeder Review

The pet feedster is designed to overcome the problem of all the other automatic cat feeder and automatic dog feeder. This pet feeder provides both moist and dry food while the other will only allow for dry food dispensing. Having this tool will help your pet happy and healthy. With long work hours and busy schedule, your pet might not receive consistent. Portioned, and controlled feeding. Once you start using this, you do not need to be worry about starving pet.


  1. Easy set-up take care of your pets when you are busy.
  2. Full range of food size, shapes and types even most moist food from 1/8’ to ¾’.
  3. Large food hopper.
  4. Dispenses up to 6 cups and low as 1 tablespoon of kibble.
  5. This automatic pet feeder can be used for cats and dogs.
  6. It has 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.


  1. Maintains your pet’s health Digital timer for precise feeding at appropriate times.
  2. Takes care of your pets when you are busy, don’t have the time, or on vacation. You don’t have to manually feed your pet every meal.
  3. Battery backup in the digital timer retains the program settings in the event of power failure, hence prevents reprogramming.
  4. It saves you money and stops food waste from your pet overeating (especially those costly specialty foods)
  5. It is solidly built, looking like a speaker cabinet. It cannot be knocked over and the lid and tank are seriously secured.
  6. The back of the unit bows in, so you can park it in front of the plug without the latter being seen.
  7. It has battery backup, so if you go out of town and lose your electricity, your cat doesn’t starve.
  8. It can be place indoor and outdoor, ant proof.
  9. This pet feeder provides both moist and dry food.


  1. The augur is very prickly. If not installed absolutely correctly, it will jam.
  2. Small animals can filch food.
  3. The programming interface is oddly placed. You have to get down on the floor to program it.
  4. Your cat’s paw can very easily fit right up the front chute, and with enough effort, coax a single pellet of kibble to pop out.
  5. The auger, or “flex feeder” as they call it, is made from the same plastic as the shell of the device. This single part should be made of aluminum or a stronger plastic.
  6. The manufacturer must intend for the settings to be made ONLY with the AC plugged in, which means that you have to either set the unit up high or bend very low to see the display.
  7. Sometimes the spinning piece inside the product loosens and food gets lodged underneath it causing the unit to stop dispensing food. It spins, but nothing comes out.Overview:

Great product, works as advertised. It can hold 10 pounds of food and works for you when you are on long vacations. Do not need to worry of starving pet because it has the backup battery in case you are running electricity

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