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Pet Lodge 25lb Galvanized Dog Feeder

Little Giant25 Lb Chow Hound Galvanized Dog Feeder CH25

Galvanized Dog FeederTied in busy day and have no idea to feed your fury friends? Little Giant25 Lb Chow Hound Galvanized Dog Feeder CH25 is the answer for you. The manufacturer designed this product to help you on feeding your lovely pet. You may wonder of this pretty cool way to be sure your dog gets fed for a weekend if you don’t have a dog sitter.


  • Manufactured from tough 24 gauge galvanized steel for durability, and have a specially angled shoot which provides for easy food flow.
  • The magnetic door closure helps to keep the food fresh and dry, and aids in keeping out unwanted pests
  • Designed to hang on wall or frame
  • Comes completely assembled
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 22.6 x 12 inches
  • Safely store dry dog food and feed it from the same chew-proof container.
  • 25 lbs capacity


  1. The feeder is made of quality material and fine craftsmanship.
  2. This learning curve would appear to create a pretty convenient obstacle for pests, rodents, and even neighbors’ dogs
  3. You would then essentially have a honeypot in your yard, making it easier for your animals to hunt the rodent.
  4. Dogs stopped fighting over food and around food almost immediately.
  5. they can get food at any time
  6. Has a clean, sleek look. Nice container to store dog food in and for the dogs to eat out of.
  7. The magnets on the door flap are strong enough to keep out the persistent pigeons.
  8. Easy to remove for cleaning
  9. Food stays dry & clean as they are not able to mess on it.
  10. The metal flap protects the food from rain and most critters.
  11. Easy to use and maintain.
  12. Hold in big portion of pet food so you never have to worry if your pet hungry or not if you leaving your pets in couple of weeks.


  1. Having difficulty training the dog to eat out of it
  2. The swinging door would sometimes get dogs stuck open allowing water and birds to get into the food.
  3. The magnet system isn’t perfect. You  have to prop one unit so that it tilted forward a little bit
  4. Every time it rains the dog food inside the feeder gets wet.
  5. The metal noise of the flap scares the dog.
  6. It does not seal good enough to keep moisture out


Lastly, this Little Giant25 Lb Chow Hound Galvanized Dog Feeder CH25 with made of quality material and fine craftsmanship which can hold 25 ponds for dry dog food  will tell you why people love this product. While some are satisfied, there is an issue that consumer get dissatisfaction but overall it is depend on your necessity to own this one.


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