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Petmate Le Bistro Pet Feeder Review

In the first part of the 15 best automatic cat feeder comparison, we have told you about main feature of this product on most sites. However, there are some other things that you must know:

The Pros:

This is one of the most important things that most people want to know when they are seeking for the Petmate Le Bistro is their programming which is very easy. Most of people who have use this pet feeder stated if they just need some minute to learn about the programming and they are done, the machine now will works automatically and they can leave the pets.

This is a great benefit since there are very few of other models which can give most costumers the same easy settings.

The Cons

  • You can also find if there are some of the flaws. The most minus point that you can see easily is because some of cats able to found if the hopper are can be accessed easily. Most of the time it will be a great struggle for the cat, but this may be a great problem if your cat is persistent.
  • Unfortunately, there are no attachments from the manufacturer to fix this problem. Fortunately it can be fixed easily if you try to tape it each time you want to go and fill it up or stick it with some superglue. Most people who have this problem have done that and its work.
  • There are also some problems if you put the ¼ cup dry food. Some of the people found out if the feeder will be filled with small food pellets. So for your easiness, you can add the ½ cup increments rather than the ¼ cup. Even there are still some flaws from this product, they are still can be fixed. This is a very great model that most people recommended.

Where To Buy

If we are seeking the places that sell this pet feeder, you may found it anywhere. There are some sites that offer you more than affordable prices, but also cheaper rates that you can get. In, you may get some discounts  & so many people which are satisfied with Amazon’s fast shipping delivery.

Moreover, if you have additional items which come in, you don’t have to pay the additional shipping cost. Be careful some sites will give you cheaper rates but then cost the shipping delivery package for higher rates. Just compare the price from each of the retailer sites below and you will find which retailer site that suits you the most.

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