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Petmate Le Bistro Auto Cat Feeder Review Part 2

Petmate Le Bistro auto cat feeder has 2 types of model, the 5 cups and 10 cups types which have their own benefits and own special things which makes them more affordable for most people. Anyway, this product is well-known for its helpful jobs and you can find if there are so many people who have used this model of pet feeder because of its performance.

Makes Your Life Easier

Have you been trapped in some situation where you have to wake up early in the morning just because your pets are hungry and want some food? Or perhaps you have to leave your pet in your home from the morning until late at night and nobody in home to feed them? If you have experienced that, you will never experience it again if you use this Petmate Le Bistro Pet Feeder.

However, when they had this item, they don’t have to wake up in the morning anymore just for their pets. Or in other case, they can just leaving the pets without worry if they have an important meeting from morning until late at night. Since this pet feeder model can give your pets up to 3 meals per day, up to the settings that you made. Everything will be easier and there will be no more fear or annoying pets in the morning anymore.

Specification and Features

Color Design: Bleached Linen & Black
Capacity: 5 Cups &  10 Cups
Removable bowl available
LCD Timer available
Automatic feeder can be set to dispense up to 3 meals per day
Able to set for up to 24 hours delay
Up to 3 cups of food per serving
For Normal Dry Pet Foods
¼ cup increments up
Baterries: 3 x D-cell Alkaline Batteries
Low-battery Indicator

 The Type’s Difference

If you have looks the specification and Features there, there are almost no difference at all on this pet feeder. The real difference is just between the capacity and the design color. But you can’t seek any 5 cups types on black color, and so the 10 cups. Other than that, you will get bigger capacity if you choose the 10 cups model. Both of them work flawlessly, easy to use and help people a lot to keep their pet full while you are away.

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