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Petsafe 2 Meal Automated Cat Feeder Review

If you are one of the people which have some problem with your pets that usually overeating or have nobody to feed, the Petsafe 2 Meal automated cat feeder may be one of the greatest choices for you. Made with the BPA-free materials, this automatic pet feeder gives you more than easiness but also health insurance for your pet.

Pros and Cons

Anyway, here is the pros. First, it is built to be sturdy. When you are using this automatic pet feeder, you don’t have to worry if the pets (especially cats) will found how to get more food inside. This is also making the pets prevent the overeating. In most cases, we can see if there are so many pet feeders that can be easily accessed by cats and make them overeating. It is also easy to program and easy to clean, make this automatic feeder more affordable.

Cons, some sites said if this feeder can fit the wet food. In fact, you can just put the dry food inside. If you put the wet food, some of them will become dry. So I recommend you to put only dry food inside.

Specifications and Features

Color Design : white
Dimensions: 13” x 2” x 10”
Pet Target: for both cats or dogs
For dry food only
Capacity: 1.5 cups on each tray; large enough even for big portion of pet foods
Trays: 2 feeder trays
Electronic Timer: let you set meal time up to 48 hours delay
Dishwasher safe feeder trays
Need 1 AA battery (not included)
One Year Warranty

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