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Pico Automatic Cat Dog Feeder Review

Perfect Dinner – Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice

Pico Automatic Cat Dog Feeder Review

Perfect Pet Dinner is your pet’s best companion. Veterinarian recommended for diabetic pets, prevents over-eating, obesity, and boredom.


  1. Pet owner’s record/play voices, to call pet at the meal time, 3 times voice recalls.
  2. Simple to set, easy to read the programming LCD.
  3. Large LCD displays time, meals programmed, meal sizes, and meals served.
  4. Can be programmed to dispense portion from 1/4 cup to 3 cups.
  5. See through container more than 7 lbs of food.
  6. Can be kept anywhere in the home.
  7. Requires 4 D-size batteries. Batteries last up to 6 months.
  8. Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 8.5 x 15.5 inches
  9. Does not work at all outdoors.


  1. Really easy to setup. Did not even need to read the manual.
  2. The timer worked as described, and, initially, the feeder dropped the exact amount of food needed.
  3. You can program it to feed between 1 and 12 portions at a time.
  4. The unit could use a proper back light and a proper power up, power down sequence.
  5. The voice messaging is a very nice feature.
  6. This has been a great purchase. The unit is very sturdy and your cats aren’t able to knock it over or get extra food out of it.
  7. Good price. Easy to operate. Convenient.
  8. Sturdy. So your cat won’t be able to knock it off.


  1. The LED panel, where you do the actual programming, is difficult to read.
  2. Once the voice is recorded, it can’t be removed
  3. It dispenses too much food. Any vibration on the floor makes it dispense more food.
  4. The food storage container is made of very thin plastic. Not good for keeping the food fresh.
  5. The container that holds the food spins , so very hard to take the top lid off to fill. When you do manage to get the lid off, the container comes also and the food comes pouring out.
  6. The plastic bin the holds the food didn’t fit into the base. Very poor design.
  7. The food container is made of cheap, light plastic, and if you have an aggressive cat or dog, it would probably be easily wreaked.


The first thing you’ll notice is the easy assembly. Just putting together three pieces, inserting the batteries and you’re ready for business. Holds plenty of food for up to two medium size dogs or several cats. Adjustable portions and Adjustable scheduling makes this a must for any pet owner looking to regulate their pets food intake without having to manually portion the food and provide the feeding. 

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