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QPets 4 Meals AF 105 Automatic Pet Feeder For Cats Review

QPets 4 Meals AF 105 automatic feeders for cats  equipped with many useful features:

  • The first is 6 sec that can be used to record personal voice message. By using this feature, the tool will be able to ‘call’ the pet when the feeding time arrives. You can record your personal voice message calls to call your pet.
  • There are 12 or 24 hour clock display available in the product allowing you to set the feeding time in the precise time. The product is designed with the food bowl which will rotate based on the time setting.
  • The users will be able to set 4 feeding times in the daytime or nighttime. There are 4 servings which are available on the food bowl. In each serving, you can place 22 ounce pet foods.
  • In operating the pet feeder, the users need 4 pieces of alkaline batteries with C size. These batteries can last for more than 1 year. The company has designed the product with red LED which will give indication when the batteries are low. If the indicator gives you the sign, you need to replace the batteries quickly.
  • QPets 4 Meals AF 105 has the diameter for the feeder base 12 ¾ inches, 10 ½ inches for feeder bowl diameter, and 3 ¼ inches for feeder height.

Confusing Instruction?

However some consumers found that the timer is a bit difficult to learn. For your information, the instructions do not tell to ensure whether you set the feedings for am or pm.

Some Important Note

  • The first is the size of the bowl. Some consumers stated that the bowl is larger than their expectation. It is good for people who have larger pet. However, for the people who smaller cat or dog, your pet might face the difficulty to reach the food in the bowl.
  • QPets 4 Meals AF 105 comes with slide cover to close off the exposed food compartment. Due to this reason, your pet really has 4 timed feedings in the bowl.

Tips To Use Alarm

The alarm feature will alert your animal to the newly exposed food by using the recorded voice message. The message will be replayed for three times. This function is working perfectly in the daytime. However, if yout pets are sleeping with you in your room they will not hear it when the nighttime, so you need to train your pet to use the pet feeder.

It is also better for you to know that the time only goes in 1 hour increments. For the people who have to feed their pets on the ½ hour, you have to set the clock to run 30 minutes fast or slow. By doing this, the feeding time can be on ½ hour.

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