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QPets AF 100 Automatic Feeder For Cats Review

 Now, we are going to talk about the QPets AF 100 automatic feeder for cats and see what makes this pet feeder model more affordable, the pros and cons, features and what people think about this feeder. Other than that, it allows you to have bigger capacity up to 45 cup or 10.65 L.

You can also set this pet feeder for 1-99 days or even the non-stop feeding. That means if you can leave your pets for several days without worries that they will suffer in hunger. However, you have also to remember if pets need your care and attention, so you would better not leave them too long.

The portion starts from ¼ to 2 ½ cups, pet proof lock on lid available, sound recorder features, easy to read LCD, and other features which made based on most people and pets need.


  • 45 cup capacity gives you bigger amount of pet foods that you can fill. No need to refill it again and again everyday.
  • Feeds up to 4 times per day up to the adjustment that you done
  • ¼ cup to 2 ½ cups portion size, gives you wider choice of how many portion that your pet needed the most
  • Pet proof lock on lid and smart sensor makes your cat unable to get more pet foods inside of the container anymore and prevents overeating.
  • Easy to clean parts since it is detachable and makes the cleaning easier
  • Sound recording features to help you make your pets accustomed with this pet feeder
  • Expired alarms to tell you when the schedule has expired

Pros and Cons

Every of products that appear in the market mostly have its own benefits and flaws:


  • Larger capacity rather than most pet feeders in the market which allows you to put large amount of pet foods inside and no need to refill it everyday
  • No overeating anymore since the pet proof lock lid works greatly and no more cats can get more foods
  • Great recording feature which most people are very entertained to use and very helpful to make most pets which are not used to use this kind of pet feeder before
  • Very affordable prices than most of the pet feeder with the same feature on its class


Tricky programmable setting makes some people confused, but there are several people who know how to fix this problem and most of them shared this on the review. Overall, the problem is solved and this pot feeder still works great.


QPets AF 100 has the big capacity. On, this pet feeder gets 3 stars from 5 stars ratings. Some say there is a bit problem with the programmable feature,  since is not easy to program, but works greatly when you know how to set it.  In the end, you can see our price comparison below and decide which one offer the lowest price.

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