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Electric Litter Box Reviews – Litter Robot II

Several years after the first electric litter box came out, I found out about the Litter Robot II. Compared to the “rake type” this one seemed like a good idea!

Design – How it works
A large spherical globe sits atop a base that contains a large drawer. The base has a sensor that detects when the cat is inside the globe. The globe is filled with any brand of clumping litter.

The sensor activates when the cat moves, causing the Litter Robot to wait. When the cat jumps out, the Litter Robot starts timing for seven minutes. Then the globe slowly rotates, sifting the litter through a heavy-duty screen. Clumps fall into the drawer below.

There won’t be other electric litter box works like the Litter Robot II because it is patented.

How Litter Robot LR II works

The construction of the Litter Robot LR II Electric Litter Box is impressive. The plastic is very thick and solid. The globe contains a thick, slippery, rubber liner that keeps urine from permeating the plastic and enables clumps to slide off easily. The heavy-duty screen has a thick coating of a similar, slippery rubber, preventing clogs.

The drawer is very large. Rubber grommets that hold the optional bag nicely; it never slips out. I also like that any type of bag can be used, or no bag at all. I use old shopping bags in mine, but frankly, they don’t fit the drawer that well.

The overall dimensions are large compared to another electric litter box. Clearly, you have to have a large enough space to keep the Litter Robot. Forget about putting it under the sink where your old box was; it is almost 30 inches (76 cm) tall. It does fit nicely in a 2 ft x 2 ft (61 cm x 61 cm) corner, though.

Litter Robot Models
There are two Litter Robot models, the bubble model has a clear plastic window that sticks out the back of the globe, which is good to purchase if you have a large cat. I bought the standard model that is flush across the back since my cat is an average size. Extra large cats, like the Maine Coone breed, may not fit in the Litter Robot, but they can be trained to use it if they start as kittens.

Odor Control
One of the most impressive features of the Litter Robot II is its odor control. Unlike other electric litter boxes that have no or little odor control, the Litter Robot does an amazing job. There is a fuzzy ring that goes around the base and helps trap odor in the base. A carbon filter at the front of the drawer neutralizes the odors. It really works. The only time I smell anything is during the 7 minutes right after the cat uses it while the timer is activated.

Cleaning is very easy, considering that the globe just lifts off the base and the drawer just slides out the front. First, you press the “empty button” to drop the remaining litter into the drawer, and then you lift off the globe. There is nothing to unhook or unplug and there are no electronics in the drawer or the globe.

It’s a bit awkward to clean the globe, however, due to its size. It is too large for a sink so a bathtub or shower are the only other suitable indoor places. Alternatively, you can clean it outside with a hose. The base can just be vacuumed with a hose-type vacuum and wiped with a cloth. Water should not contact the electronics in the base.

Power Consumption
Similar to all electric litter boxes, the Litter Robot II plugs into a standard wall outlet with a DC transformer type of plug (small box about 2 x 2 x 2 inches or 5 x 5 x 5 cm). It does not take much power because it only runs for 2 minutes at a time. The small transformer can be plugged into any household extension cord, if needed.

Litter Robot II is fairly quiet. Like any electric litter box, the sound of the motor is repetitious and you can easily tune it out like you tune-out the sound of your refrigerator. I could only imagine it may bother a light sleeper if kept in the bedroom.

The warranty for a Litter Robot is longer than many other electric litter boxes. It is 18 months. I’ve had my Litter Robot several years and never had a problem with it.

I’ve heard the customer service for Litter Robot is excellent. New parts are shipped and received within a matter of days. A three-year extended warranty option is available for an additional $50.00. I doubt it’s worth it, though, because very few problems are reported in general. Once your Litter Robot is out of warranty, you can send it back to the factory for a “tune-up” if something goes wrong. They replace the major components and ship it back for less cost than buying a new one.

Usage Tips
Don’t expect your cat to automatically know what the Litter Robot is for. Put the Litter Robot II near the old box (make him walk past it, if possible)Put a scoop of litter from the old box into the Litter Robot. Stop cleaning the old box and wait. Most cats are naturally attracted to their scent and will use the Litter Robot within a week because they do not like using a dirty box.

If your cat still does not use it, put some catnip in the globe and let him play. This helps him understand there is clean litter available. It won’t take long after that!

• Works by design; many happy customers
• Works well for multiple cats
• Low cost operation: the sifting system preserves litter and no special waste receptacles needed
• Excellent odor control
• Enclosed globe reduces litter mess to the minimum
• Easy cleaning
• Long warranty
• 90 day trial

• High price but you save money in the long run by not using special receptacles or special litter.
• Some risk of the cat not using it.
• 90 day trial is good, but it is expensive to ship back if it does not work out
• Larger size compared to other electric litter boxes
• Not appropriate for extra large cats, such as those over 20 lbs or a large breed

Litter Robot LR II Demo

The Litter Robot II is the best available electric litter box, by far. The high price is easily overcome by the savings on litter and receptacles. There is a three payment plan if you cannot pay for it all at once.

The risk of the cat not using it may also be overcome. Purchase a hood for your litter pan and train your cat to go in it the same way you would with the Litter Robot. If your cat uses a pan with a hood, training it to use the Litter Robot will be a piece of cake. Be patient while training; do not force your cat inside.

There are many elated Litter Robot owners on amazon, it is definitely worth a try!

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