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LitterMaid LME 980 Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning Review

The LitterMaid LME 980 is among the classic LitterMaid cat litter boxes in its self-cleaning series. In the past, LitterMaid has made a name for itself by providing reliable auto cat litter boxes that are convenient to clean and maintain.

Quick Overview of LitterMaid 980 Automatic Cat Litter Box Reviews

Advantages: The LM980 is probably the largest automatic litter box with very high side wall. You can set the box to delay itself until morning when you don’t want to hear it operating all night, and there is also a paw cleaning ramp that catches all litter before it makes a mess on your floor.

Disadvantages: Unfortunately the current product quality is terrible and the performance is inconsistent. Noisy motor and jamming rake is the biggest weakness.

LitterMaid LME 980 self-cleans after your cat’s every use, making sure that waste and clump litter is suitably set aside for proper disposal. The auto litter box measures 17.7 inches in width, 28 inches in length and 9.8 inches in height.

How It Works??

LitterMaid LME 980 can be set up anywhere in the house near to an power outlet. While batteries can be used, connecting it directly to an outlet will save you constant monitoring of the batteries and assures you of continuous cleaning.

Regular clumping litter can be used for this auto clean litter box. The box has a safety bar where the removable rake is built-into. After your cat’s use, an automatic timer will set itself to 10 minutes and then starts to self-clean. During the cleaning cycle, it will rake all the clumped litter and cat waste from the far end of the box pushing them towards where the waste receptacle is. As it moves towards the end, the waste bin automatically opens for the rake to drop into it the solid waste that it has dragged. Slowly as the bar returns to it original position, the waste bin is also shut tight.

The waste bins has a designated area where the carbon filters are placed to better absorb smell. This way, your auto litter box continuously remains to be clean and fresh.

If there is a chance that your cat decides to come back inside the cat auto litter box, it will stop and reset the cleaning cycle. It will wait another 10-minute interval before starting the cleaning cycle again.

How It Compares to the Other LItterMaid Auto Litter Box

Compared to the LitterMaid 580 and the LitterMaid 9000 MB , the LitterMaid LME 980 can hold cats that are more than 15 lbs. while the other two designs can hold not more than 15 lbs and over 20 lbs, respectively. It has the biggest in pan size among the 3 designs.

Like the LitterMaid 580, it has high walls, the rake is made of plastic, comes in colors of toupe green and tan, and can be automatically or manually activated. Unlike the LME 9000 MB, LME 980 does not have a sleep mode, no ionizer and does not come in silver and black colors. All three have built-in cleaning ramps and comes along with a cleaner for the rake and scooper.


While some customer are pretty satisfied and do not have serious problem, unfortunately, most of them reported various issues regarding Littermaid litter box product such as frequent jamming, a considerable amount of litter ends up outside the box, malfunction sensor etc.


Petsafe Simply Clean may become our favorite choice in term of price, but if you do have more little budget, getting Litter Robot or CatGenie is a wise decision for long term usage.

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