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Causes Of Extreme Dander in Cats

Extreme Cat Dander CauseThe usual cause for cat allergy is the dandruff like disease dander. Dander is those pieces of skin that are highly microscopic in size and these tiny skin pieces are shed all throughout the day by your cat. If you see that your cat sheds more pieces of dander than usual, then do not mistake it for dandruff. Yes it is like dandruff in a way but if you prevent falling of excess skin, you shall be safe from allergies and also your cat can be tension and itch free.


One of the causes of dander is feline diabetes. If more and more amount of dander is produced by your cat, then it is wise that you take your cat to a veterinarian. If you have a fat cat, then the advice is that your cat must be helped in losing her weight. You must keep her on a strict diet. This will make the symptoms fade away. There is special food that must be given as prescribed to help your cat. Insulin shots also help in coping up with your cat’s diabetic system.

Grooming Troubles

An Obese cat finds it difficult to groom usually. Help your cat to groom itself by taking your cat to a pet groomer. The pet groomer will help in grooming your cat properly. This will reduce dander to a great extent. And again, you need to make your cat lose weight, by safe ways. A veterinarian will help you deal with this problem.

A Problem of Dry Skin

Another cause could be dry skin. Dry skin causes dander, just like a dry scalp causes dandruff and needs oil nutrition. Hence feed your cat with fish and give her fish oil. This will help in freshening your cat’s dry skin. This change won’t happen overnight but sooner than later, this will help in getting rid of your cat’s dander.

Whatever be the cause, there is a prime need of taking care of your cat properly. Then only will diseases be at bay. A Veterinarian is your cat’s best friend, so consult a Vet whenever a problem occurs.

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