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How to Remove Cat Dander

remove cat danderCats don’t just excrete waste but also shed dander from their body. Dander is small white flakes that stick to any kind of surface, particularly rugs. It’s important to learn how to remove cat dander from the surface. Because, if it’s not properly removed from the surface, it could cause allergies such as breathing problems, cough, etc.

Instructions to remove cat dander from the surface are listed below. Go through them to have a clean and safe environment at home without even compromising on your pet’s liberty.

  • Buy a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner so that it cleans the curtains, carpets, and floor properly and eliminates the dander from floor. If curtains are hard to vacuum, you can simply wash them using hot or warm water every few months. And at the same time, steam clean carpets, rugs, and other furniture periodically.
  • Clean the walls of the room time to time, even if your cat doesn’t go to your room. Also, clean the furniture of the room using damp cloth and capture cat dander. This ensures cleanliness in every room in particular, and complete home in general.
  • Wash your bedding and your cat’s bedding in hot water once in a week. By bedding we mean bed sheets and pillow covers. When you perform this task from time to time, it restricts cat dander from spreading to different areas of the house, when your cat gets up and move out of her bed.
  • Cat grooming is yet another significant factor that could prevent cat dander from spreading. Just bathe and brush your pet on every few days. However, use a shampoo that’s not too harsh on cat’s body. Doing this will prevent dry skin and stop cat dander from flying around in the home.

Consider these steps if you’re seriously looking for an answer to the question – how to remove cat dander?

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