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How to Safely Eliminate Cat Dander

How To Eliminate Cat DanderDandruff is irritating and Cat Dandruff is even more irritating because when you cuddle and muzzle your cat, the dandruff gets all over your face, hair, hands and clothes. And also, dandruff falls everywhere, from your bed, to your couch and your carpet. It gets more than just messy, you see tiny white flakes everywhere and it is not even a miraculous snowfall inside your house! There are many reasons for this irritating yet petty problem.

Reasons like food allergies, clogging of oil glands, fungus, et cetera. And solutions to these problems are available in plenty and they are pretty much similar to what is advised if you are dealing with a dandruff problem. The following solutions will be of betterment for you, your cat, your clothes and your home.

Cure it by Nature’s Therapies

Dandruff is caused due to the dryness of skin, by the clogging of oil glands. This makes your cat’s skin itch and more dandruff falls. For this your cat’s oil production must be improved, naturally. When you serve food to your cat, add a tablespoon of pure olive oil. Do this quite often in a week. This will help your cat much plus the coat of your cat while have a shine. Tuna is helpful too.

Bathe Your Cat Even if She Dislikes It

Everyone knows cats hate dipping into water the most. Nothing irks them more than realizing that they are being forcibly dipped into a bathtub full of shampoo and bathing powder. But bathing it with anti dandruff CAT shampoo is necessary, not human shampoo; otherwise the problem will only rise. Itching and scratching and mood swings will become a norm. Hence few minutes of struggle are better than months of irritation.

Groom Your Cat

Every Cat loves to groom herself yet sometimes it is difficult for some reasons for a cat to groom herself completely. Take her to a pet groomer.

We hope the above solutions will be more than useful to cure your cat’s dandruff problems.

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