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Expert Tips to Reduce Cat Dander on a Cat

Cat dander can pose problem for the people living around because of the protein from the deal skin cells. Dry environment dandruff that causes allergic skin diseases and seasonal changes is usually found in black-coated cats, but it’s not limited to them. It’s also seen in cats of all breeds and colors.

Generally, dandruff occurs in areas where the cat is unable to groom. So, it’s really important to properly groom the cat from time and time again to avoid any allergies to you and your cat. Here’s how you should go about grooming your cat:

  1. Brush your cat daily. It removes any loose hair, dead skin cells, and makes way for new cells to grow. Besides that, cat’s natural skin oils are distributed all over the skin making it healthier.
  2. Bathe your cat regularly. This puts water back on the hair, avoids dandruff, and moisturizes the skin of the cat. If bathing is not a suitable option, you can use a damp cloth to clean the cat’s skin. It will do the needful.
  3. Use a moisturizer that’s specially formulated for felines. It provides the extra attention needed to your cat and gets her rid of any itching associated with dry skin that she develops. It also stops any scratch sores.
  4. A humidifier should be placed in your cat’s room. It makes your cat feel comfortable as it removes the dryness from the air inside the house that usually dehydrates the pet’s skin.
  5. Consult a veterinarian and include fish oils and omega-3 fatty acids in your cat’s died as per the recommendations. Also provide your cat with wet food instead of dry pet food along with an extra water supply.
  6. Provide your cat with fresh water to avoid dehydration in the cat.

If you’re able to follow these steps, it would be easier for you to reduce dander on a cat, keep the environment clean, and free from all types of allergies.

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