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Homemade Natural Cat Deterrent

Homemade Natural Cat DeterrentWhen your cat starts to think the house and garden is her poop property, you need to bring her back to reality by repelling her off these places by using homemade natural cat deterrent.

Instead, of using detergent¸ everyday to wash away the stains and scoop up the poop that your cat or stray cats lay on flower beds and door mats or repair curtains and bed sheets they scratch, you need to use deterrents. Some deterrents are harmful and expensive. Below stated are ones which are natural, homemade and inexpensive to an extent.

Deterrent Uno –

Cats dislike smells of oils and discarded matter of few herbs and edible objects like cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, dried mustard and dried rosemary. Sprinkle these in the outdoors to keep them away. Use them separately or collectively.

Deterrent Dos –

Take oil of either lemon, cinnamon, lemon grass, citronella, orange, rosemary or lavender and with the help of an eye dropper, apply them on cotton balls or rub them onto doors, thresholds and base boards. This will keep them away for sure.

Deterrent Tres –

Take a first hand, clean and hygienic spray bottle and put in it boiled water of lavender, cayenne or rosemary. Sprinkle this on door mats, floor, baseboards, closets, furniture and all places where your cat likes to mess. You also can spray this on your potted plants as cats like to soil these readymade dig-in litter boxes.

Deterrent Cuatro –

Another way of protecting your plants is by growing around them some herbs that cats dislike. You can use rue, lavender, garlic chives, rosemary and citronella for bordering your garden area. Though these herbs are attractive and likeable by humans, they are much disliked by cats and will make them stay away.

Deterrent Cinco –

Catnip probably is a good idea. It will maintain a truce between you and the cats. They will claim this catnip as their own and will be attracted toward it.

Next time these cats threaten, go for a homemade natural cat deterrent.

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