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How to Keep Cats from Pooping in Flower Beds

How to Keep Cats from Pooping in Flower BedsIts summer time and you’re gardening and decorating and you find a consistent problem arising and it leaves you wondering how to keep cats from pooping in flower beds. Well, you try to do few experiments. Your neighbors suggest that you make those stray cats or even your kitty go through some stringent tests.

But nothing makes these cats detest your garden. Cleaning the poop everyday becomes more of a burden. But now you can put your troubles to rest. Because below mentioned are ways which are the best in shooing away these pestering pets.

Method Number One –

In between your flower beds is a lot of open space which contains loose soil that can be dug up to hide cat poop fragments. And this creates an odor that kills your flowers’ fragrance.

What you can do to repel is dress these open spaces with bird netting for bird netting is frustrating to cats and they’ll definitely find another place to relax and relieve themselves. Bird netting is inexpensive, cut it in strips or squares and lay it over the open space.

Method Number Two –

You can poke them away by placing plastic fork handles in the soil, butt up. Keep them 6 inches apart.

Method Number Three –

Pines cones are a no-no for cats. They hate prickly objects in digging places. Keep them 6 inches apart.

Method Number Four –

Layering heavy decorative rocks and stones in the flower beds will keep the cats at bay as cats find it much challenging to dig in through these rocks and stones and hence they will go away to find a much feasible place.

Method Number Five –

Scattering used up coffee grinds will ward cats away. Cats do not like the smell of coffee beans or citrus fruit peels. Orange, sweet lime or lemon peels will help too.

So, next time someone asks how to keep cats from pooping in flower beds, tell them the above solutions are the best.

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