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How to Prevent Cats from Pooping in the Garden

How to Prevent Cats from Pooping in the GardenWhen summer comes, every gardener loves to decorate his/her home’s garden. Flower beds are personal favorites of people, they do every kind of decoration experiment with their flower beds, bring in different flowers and what not. And gardens aren’t neglected too. Mowing machines are on full throttle, designs are made out of plants. It is enjoyable and you wait for it every summer.

But someone acts villain in all of this by simply dropping a poop bomb in the flower beds or in the garden. These villains are stray cats and sometimes your own cat. You try like other people to illegally ward them off, you use naphthalene balls, though they are quite harmful. But still they do not fear, they need to relieve and relieve they will.

Do it the Nature’s Way

Cats are mood allergic to some things of nature. Cinnamon, fresh coffee and peels of citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime and lemon are of those few things. If these are sprinkled around flower beds or in your garden, cats will stay away from these places; it is unbearable for them to relieve themselves around such smells.

Don’t Let their Poop Stink Your Garden – Attack them too with Stink Weapons

Garlic cloves are absolutely hated by cats. Put this all around your garden and flower beds. They will run away. They will also be warded off if you sprinkle vinegar in the area. Pine cones too help as deterrent.

Go Commercial

You may have to resort to unnatural resources. There are many cat repellents in the market. These cat repellents are harmless to the cats and do not cause allergies or reactions or affect their health, but they are detested by cats because of the smell they cause around the particular area.

Last Resort – Wet Them Up!

You have to say out loud ‘I did not want to come to this!’ and take your water hose and wet them! Do this twice or thrice and they will never come back!

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