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Natural Cat Repellent Flowers

Natural RepellentWhen you pet a cat, you know for sure it won’t be just a love-love relationship between you and your cat. Cats are adorable and they can easily wane your anger with an innocent look with their shiny eyes. And they make use of this innocence and sometimes they know how to protest and rebel.

And they usually rebel for two basic purposes – to bathe and to relieve themselves. They do not like to be bathed and they want to poop in your garden; in your flower beds and you know what else. So, when they target your flower bed, you need to keep them away by using natural cat repellent flowers.

One –

This flower is one of the most liked ones by us but also detested by felines. This flower is lavender. Feed it with full sunshine and drain the soil. You can keep it near other flowers but not too close as lavender likes to be kind of alone to grow.

Two –

Lemon Thyme is another cat repellent flower. Lemon thyme is evergreen and needs full sun to thrive. Whiteflies, cabbageworms and cats stay away from this repellent flower.

Three –

You can use the gold and orange marigold flowers to repel carrot root flies, cats, aphids, and nematodes. Care must be taken that you do not plant this flower near couch grass, ground ivy, ground elder and lesser celandine.

Four –

Another flower is the yellow flower absinthe or commonly called wormwood. Absinthe is a poisonous flower, it must not be smelled specifically and must not be eaten. It repels mice, flea, moths and cats. Plant it alone because it is termed under the invasive weed category.

Five –

You can bless you cat and signal a truce by giving its small share of your garden. All you need to do is plant catnip or catmint. Cats love this plant and will not mess around the rest of your garden.

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