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Natural Cat Repellent Plants

Natural Cat Repellent PlantsThe oldest, most basic weapons in human vs. cat hygiene war have been natural cat repellent plants. The human vs. cat war is as old as domestication itself. Humans have always been attracted towards felines to pet them but they also dislike them when they more than often cross that line of cleanliness and create a mess, laying their poop everywhere indoors and outdoors of your home.

You scold them, try to shoo them, scare them but they keep coming back to that particular place or places to relieve themselves. But do not be discouraged by this inability to cease this fecal barrage. Below mentioned are ways to repel.

Repel with Citrus Peels and Coffee Beans

Unlike human noses, cat noses are sensitive and this is an advantage for you to repel them. You can use peels of citrus fruits like lemon, orange or sweet lime and spread them around in the garden. You can also use oil of herbs like lavender and citronella. You can also spread coffee grounds and cayenne pepper.

A New Weapon

It has been around since many millennia but only now its use has come to be known. Coleus Canina is a plant that creates a shield that repels domestic threats like cats and dogs and wilder cousins like foxes. This discovered weapon’s nickname is
“Scaredy Cat”.

It is a garden plant attractive to humans and it needs full sun shine or a partial shade. But the scent of this attractive plant cats cannot stand.

Lay Mines around Your Garden

You can use harmless and decorative garden rocks and stones and gravel and layer them in open spaces of flower beds or in spaces of your garden where cats usually come to relieve themselves. Pine cones can also be sowed. This will prick them and they will go away in search of soft soil without stones.

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