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Natural Herbs to Deter Cats

herbsYou love your cat very much. Yes, because she is cute and cuddly and makes that adorable expression. But well, like at times you get angry with your children, it is the same with your feline as she litters at places where you do not want them to create a stinking mess.

To teach them a lesson and discipline them, you need a method, an effective way. You’ve tried to scold them, not pat them¸ behave strict, but it all fails. Cats are rebels. Hence, you need to use natural herbs to deter cats. And below you will find some of these.

Repellent Number One – Rosemary

Rosemary is an herb, a spice that has a strong odor that is much disliked by felines. You can sprinkle this potentially repelling herb all over your garden area and in your flower pots or plant pots.

Repellent Number Two – Ginger

Ginger. It has such a strong smell that even you can’t stand it many a times. And cat noses are sensitive, highly sensitive. Hence if you sprinkle ginger around your garden, cats will definitely stay away from it.

Repellent Number Three – Peels of Citrus Fruits

Cats are sensitive to many things. Even though they are agile and are definitely not fragile, their noses are prone to many odors. And this is to your advantage. One of the most common and most easy to acquire and most easy to use natural repellents are peels of citrus fruits.

Spread peels of citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and orange all over the garden and in flower and plant pots. This will keep the cats away. Dried peels are more effective than fresh peels and you can either buy them or dry them yourself. Otherwise just sit in your garden chair, gulp and orange and throw its peels all over the garden.

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