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Easy Cat Hair Removal from Furniture & Rugs

Cat Hair RemovalCats are royal beings. These felines love to groom themselves, take care of their hygiene, relieve themselves in privacy, and they love to sit on your furniture. Furniture to them is a place of elevated status and they find pride in lousing on furniture. And even in furniture they love to have furniture that is softer. Rugs and carpets are soft and chosen more often.

And when they rest, they leave behind a large amount of cat hair. And cat hair is frustrating. It sticks and spoils your clothes and furniture. But cat hair removal from furniture & rugs is fairly easy.

Easy Way to Remove Cat Hair from Carpets and Rugs

Before you vacuum your rug or carpet, sprinkle an even and light layer of baking soda. This will unstuck cat hair to an extent and paves way for easier vacuuming. Thorough vacuuming of the rugs and carpets will remove cat hair efficiently. Use a clean, wet and squeezed sponge mop and push the mop in one direction on the rug or carpet repeatedly. The cat hair sticks to the wet sponge.

Method to Remove Cat Hair from Furniture

Before vacuuming install to your vacuum the upholstery attachment on the cleaner’s hose. This will remove excessive amounts of cat hair from the furniture. Use rubber gloves. Hair gets easily attached to rubber gloves. Wear rubber gloves and roll your hand all over the furniture.

After you collect the hair, put the gloves in a bucket full of water, rinse the gloves and throw the water away. A cellulose sponge will ensure the removal of the left over cat hair. Take the sponge, wet it and squeeze excessive water out of it. And then wipe the furniture in one direction thoroughly using the sponge.

By using the above methods and tools, cat hair removal from furniture, rugs and carpets becomes easy, efficient, and leaves your home free of cat hair.

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