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How to Reduce Cat Shedding: The Most Effective Ways

Reduce Cat SheddingYou go about in your home and you ask yourself or your family ‘how to reduce cat shedding’. Well, cat dander and fallen cat hair are a menace to your home. Your cat will roam about everywhere and detach its hair or dander everywhere – on your bed, on your chair, on your table, on the stairs.

And cat dander and hair are also harmful to you and your family. But as we know this not deliberate. Hence, we need to look into this matter closely and put forth possible, tested solutions. Below are few of those.

You need to take proper care of your cat’s diet. Like you, your cat needs oil to keep its skin fresh. You need to give your cat an intake of cat special vitamin supplements. These will induce omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that will give a smooth feel to the fur. This way when you brush your cat, the hair doesn’t become loose, frizzy and makes brushing easier.

Your cat fur develops many a knot and this tangles the brush. Using a brush with fine bristles to brush and untangle the knots is a solution. Brushing everyday improves the cat’s fur. Use a brush that goes deep down to the cat’s undercoat, so that the problem is fixed from the roots.
Bathing your cat once or twice a week with a special for cats shampoo will help remove loose hair that have been missed by the brush. Disposable wipes and sprays are alternatives if your cat refuses to bathe.

You usually stroke or rub your cat with compassion. This can make a lot of loose hair fall on your furniture and clothes. Patting your cat will avoid this.

You can protect your bed and other furniture by covering them with a blanket as blanket catches loose hair easily and also is easily washable.

Next time someone wonders how to reduce cat shedding, suggesting the above will help ease the problem.

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