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How to Remove Cat Hair from Furniture

How to Remove Cat HairFatter and hairier the cat, cuter it is. And hairier the cat, the more trouble it creates, especially if you are too hygienic. Cats shed hair for various reasons. They can be unhealthy¸ their skin is drying; they are not being groomed properly, they may have stress problems, changing of seasons¸ reactions and allergies.

All these have one thing in common – they trouble you extremely. You are bugged everyday cleaning your clothing and especially your furniture. And you think how to remove cat hair from furniture. By reading what is written below you will be eased from your cat-hair troubles.

Hand-held Vacuum:

Vacuum the furniture using a hand held vacuum. A hand-held vacuum will remove the most excessive amount of cat hair. A rotating brush hand held vacuum is better as it sucks up the hair more easily.

Rubber Brush:

Use a rubber brush to brush the furniture. Rubber brushes come in various sizes that are custom designed for furniture of every size. A large rubber brush helps in cleaning big furniture and carpets. Smaller rubber brushes can be used to clean chairs, couch, table et cetera.

You can also brush your cat gently with a rubber brush so that the dead and loose hair gets stuck to the rubber brush before they drop on the furniture.

Roll Tape:

Use a roll tape and form a loop around your hand to pick cat hair that is hard to pick from the furniture. Rolling the tape back and forth repeatedly on the furniture will pick up the dead and loose cat hair completely from the furniture.

Groom Everyday:

Preventive measures are always better than medicines. Proper, everyday, detailed grooming will prevent cat hair from falling everywhere. Feeding your cat with fish oils, canned food, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, tuna and cat nutrition diet will improve your cat’s fur and reduce fall of cat hair and dander.

The above will null the question of how to remove cat hair from furniture every day.

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