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Most Popular Cat Breeds That Don’t Shed a Lot

If you’re looking for most popular cat breeds that don’t shed a lot of hair on your clothing and sofa line, then you’re probably on the right page. In this article you’ll find a handful cat breeds that fit your bill and at the same time do not leave hair over the place. There’s a common belief that low-shedding breeds don’t necessarily prevent allergic reactions, because the allergies are mainly caused cat dander or saliva.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex breed is a low-shedding breed that’s also described as “washboard waves”. The layer of fur and hair are really small and they don’t require much grooming unlike others. Their ears are distinctive, large, and bat-shaped. Besides that, when you see Cornish Rex breed of cats, you may have a feeling of cats being delicate and weak, but they are actually strong.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex
The Devon Rex breed look absolutely similar to Cornish Rex but they aren’t not related to them in any way. They’re small animals that weight around 10lbs or so with small hair that doesn’t shed often. Devon Rex breed is a popular brand in low-shedding cats category. They’re a good choice for people that have children in their family.


Sphynx are bald or hairless cats that are odd-looking yet come under the low-shedding category of cat breed. They’re hairless because of genetic mutation but their skin is oily and sticky. Besides that, they’re also among small cat breeds that weight under 10lbs. Though, they are hairless, they shed dander that triggers allergic reactions in the people that are around it.


Siberian Cat
Siberian cats shed really little despite of having long and thick coats. Allergic sufferers don’t have to avoid Siberian cats because they don’t shed much skin or saliva that triggers the allergic reactions.

You can buy any one or all of the above brands. They are most popular cat breeds that don’t shed a lot.

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