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Prevent Long-haired Cats from Shedding Excessively

When your cat sheds its hair, it gets frustrating. And when your cat with long hair sheds, you are left fuming. You tire and cannot stop your ire picking long hair off your clothing and furniture.

Long strands of your cat’s hair are found everywhere¸ in your room, dining room and hall. You feel that you must stop patting or passing your hand through your cat’s fur.

But below typed are few methods to prevent long-haired cats from shedding excessively and reduce your burden of cat hair cleaning.


cat hair sheddingThere are special brushes made to brush and groom your cat. If your cat is brushed everyday then the dead and loose hair will be removed. And removing loose and dead hair will make your cat shed less.

When you brush or groom your cat¸ do it with rubber gloves on. When you groom while wearing rubber gloves, the dead and loose hair will stick to the rubber gloves and after you finish grooming, you can put the gloves in a bucket of water. This will unstick the hair from the gloves and you can throw the water in the open.

Healthy cat is a happy cat. A healthy cat is also a tidy cat. Cats usually shed hair and also create dander due to the lack of oil. Feed it with fish oil vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and canned food. This will make your cat’s coat shiny and reduce the amount of hair she sheds to a great extent.

Cat fur is usually hard to see and vacuuming your home thrice a week will remove those unseen hair effectively from furniture, bedding, and floor.

Lessen the amount of time your cat is on your furniture. The more she is on your furniture, the more hair she will shed and those will sticks to your clothing.

The above remedies are sufficient enough to prevent long-haired cats from shedding excessively.

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