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Emergency Cat Litter Alternative

Cat Litter AlternativeCat owners know how important it is to keep a litter box ready and available for their pets. Though cat litter may not be something that you like, its helps you maintain cleanliness in and around your house. However, sometimes it so happens that due to regular replacement of litter from the litter boxes, there is chances that you might run out of litter. So, what to do in such emergency situations?

Cats may not use an empty box for urinating or passing feces. For that reason, you need to utilize emergency cat litter alternatives. There are few alternatives which we’re going to discuss ahead in this article. Continue reading to know what these options are:


Almost every one of us loves to read newspaper. In fact, it’s the one of an essential early morning activities apart from shower, breakfast, etc. But, the newspapers are of no use the next day – because, you don’t read old news again. As a result, you’ve a pile of papers at the end of the month or week or whatever.

Anyway, the point here is that you can simply utilize old newspaper and place it in a litter box in case of emergency. Just tear or shred the newspaper and your problem will be solved.

Cedar Chips

Cats love using cedar chips or mulch in their litter box. In case of emergency, when there’s no litter, cedar chips or mulch can be a great alternative for it. They can be temporary problem solver. Besides that, cedar chips leave a litter box smelling fresh and clean unlike regular litter that spreads bad odor.


Felines may not like dirt usually, but during emergency situations, it can be used as an alternative for litter. It works great. Dirt doesn’t mean throwing anything from the junk, it means something that a cat can easily dig, pass urine or feces, and the dig it back again. For example: Sand from a sandbox can also be used as a substitute for litter.

The next time your litter box falls short of litter, and an emergency situation arises, these are the cat litter alternatives to go for.

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