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Simple Cat Litter Mat DIY – Saving Money Tips

cat litter mat DIYThe assurance that cat litter tracking mats provide you with is that they prevent your cat from tracking the litter from the litter box and dirtying your home (imagine pillow covers and bed sheets) and catching up the dirt that your cat throws up while she digs.

There are easy homemade mats that you create. We state the most feasible ones below.

Recycle Your Newspaper- Make It Your Savior

Go down the attic; pick a small bundle of old newspapers. Select the one which you find the most boring and spread it out beneath the litter box. Make sure it has a bigger circumference than the box.

Now when your kitty relieves herself and unknowingly drops the litter track on the mat, remove it off, fold it and dunk it in the dust bin. No issues. No time consumed.

Spreading Your Towel Means No Need to Shovel

Put your head inside your closet, look for you beach towel that has been lost in oblivion. Give it a fresh task; spread it beneath the litter box. Spread it in such a way that all the sides of the towel which have yearned to be brushed, stick out, so that when your cat steps on the mat, she doesn’t spill litter out of the towel.

Once it fulfills its job, wrap it up, folding it up from the outside and toward the inside. Let the towel bask in the sun again by taking it outside and dump the litter in the trashcan. Then give your towel the ultimate beach feel, put it in the washing machine.

This way you make a depressed and desperate towel at work again while you have no trouble running around the house with a shovel.

Put that Old Rug of Yours on a Rugged Task

Its time your old rugs, be it kitchen or welcome, are back to work. So take them out and pit them against their cherished foe- the dirt. If they are small rugs, spread them in a pair. If it’s a big one, do it like it is done with the towel. Once your cat showers it with litter, vacuum it or beat the dirt out of it in the outdoors.

So go ahead, give those forgotten ones a place in your home again and keep the litter away.

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